Snigir usb led reading light lamp

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Product Description:

Are you looking for a reading light lamp? If you do then grab this Snigir mini USB LED fan which come with multiple awesome colors.This can be plugged into desktop PCs, Laptop PCs and even for Notebook computers.It is really important to use reading lamps when you are lack of light.This tip is really helpful for you to keep your eyesight in a good state.Touch Sensing Switch - 3 kinds of brightness-low, medium and high .Standard USB - Compatible with USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports your laptop or desktop .Soft and Bright Light - 14 LEDs with three steps of adjustable brightness via touch switch .Portable and Flexible - Soft and bendable light body, Flexible Gooseneck ,can be adjusted in any angle .2 Pieces Packaging - Black and White ,Great for computer,home travel study or office use , or as a gift for children , friends, and family. # Brand Protection is guaranteed.