3-36 months ergonomic baby carrier backpack

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use a baby sling is in about 3 months, baby under 3 months old, development bone is no older, the skeleton is soft, the beginning of the application is not good for the child, can be used to hold the towel, in the back, let the child lying in her towel, with her parents, you can hold your hands. This will not only make the child more comfortable, but also help parents save effort. 4 months of child's life for the first 5 months of return, and 6 to 3 years of child fit back child head guard sleep can cover the child's head buckle to make the whole more durable and reliable, the

in the use of lumbar stool belts, if the posture is not correct, it can cause pain. in the use of waist bar stool, the mother must put the child in his waist and with a high place to start the action, otherwise excessive bending will cause damage to the waist;

in addition to the mother's injury, some mothers in the use of braces, because comfortable belts, sometimes forget to give the mother by herself carrying the child while doing housework or other things is careful not to let the child bump into things, cause injury to the child. In addition, the strap can make the mother free hands to do other things, the mother will forget the child to make her mother's hand to protect, so the use of the mother's braces does not have to be two hands to do other things at the same time, we must have to hand to protect child safety;

for a child's comfort, breastfeeding about 30 minutes before the child's belt should be used;

wash, do not use bleach and strong washing powder to avoid residual, stimulate the child's skin;

Before using baby straps, please check that the plastic buckles are hard

Type: Backpacks & Carriers
Age Range: 3-30 months
Carriers Type: Side Carry,Back Carry,Face-to-Face,Horizontal,Front Carry,Front Facing
Brand Name: Jadobo
Model Number: SU-1267
Load Bearing: 20kg
Material: Cotton
Pattern Type: Animal
Carriers Type: Single stool type