Tiger Eliminate Inflammation Pain Health Care Medical Plaster

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Product Description:

  • This product by far infrared ceramic powder emitting red the perimeter and the magnet to generate the magnetic field effect, can promote inflammatory substance metabolism. improved nerve sensitivity ,To accelerate the cellular and molecular motion, achieve antichloristic and analgesic the effect of.
  • The product consists of far infrared ceramic powder, disk, medical cloth, amount of matrix, medical rubber etc.

Main function:

White plaster, relatively large viscosity, plaster out of holes, more moderate. Long warm-up time. This product has a warm the meridians, expelling the wind and cold, promoting blood circulation and relieving pain of efficacy. Scope of application: applicable to by wind, cold, wet, the neck, shoulder, caused by the evil of the waist, legs and other joint and a a variety of pain caused by soft tissue contusion.

Method of use:

external use, directly attached to the affected area, each day one.


Pregnant women, have spontaneous bleeding or bleeding after injury , allergic to zinc  oxide, pain local skin trauma, infection and ulcer were banned.

Product Details:

Item Type: Massage & Relaxation
Size: Medium
Application: Body
Model Number: 10pcs/bag,3bags/lot
Material: medical cloth
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Massage & Relaxation: rheumatism plaster
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Material Size: AAAA 7cmX10cm