LCFUN arc electronic cigarette pulsed lighter

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This awesome lighter uses a high-performance polymer aluminum battery. The battery can charge and discharge about 500 times. This product needs USB connection only for charging. Therefore, it can be connected to a computer, cellular phone chargers and other charging on any output voltage DC5V, output current is lower than 3000MA charger. Once charged completely it will hold a charge long enough to light up a cigarette up to 100-200 times on that charge. Withinn 10 seconds, this charger gets automatically power off.


Do not continue to light a long time, it is recommended not to use more than 10 seconds to extend product life.


Powered by a rechargeable battery

No gas/fuel is required.

USB charging

Does not create a flame

Electrically operated and

Environmentally friendly

Product Details:

Brand Name: LCFUN

Model Number: 2022501

Material: Metal

Size: 58.5 x 39x 14mm (L x W x H)

Power: USB Rechargeable