Alloyseed Baby Stroller Bottle Holder

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Product Description:

ALLOYSEED Cup holder for strollers is a must have accessory that offers a lot of features which helps to increase the functionality baby strollers as well.

It is simple, unique, durable and practical as well.

Super Extensive Applicability on baby stroller, pushchair bicycle, umbrella car, strollers, bikes, mountain bikes, wheelchair

Can hold all kinds of sports water bottles, beverage bottles, baby bottles, coffee cups etc

Durable High Quality Materials- Polypropylene ABS Colophony- High quality

Easy Use- Simple to install, you can get it ready without any tools.

Cup Support Caliber: 75-88mm, Maximum stretching more 10mm- Clip Caliber: 20-55mm- 360 degrees rotated, can adjust to any angle.    

Age Range: 5M,26M,8M,23M,13M,20M,7M,11M,33M,27M,17M,9M,28M,4M,14M,3M,12M,16M,34M,15M,2M,0-1M,21M,19M,25M,10M,31M,29M,24M,6M,32M,30M,22M,1M,35M
Model Number: Baby Stroller Bottle Holder
Material: Plastic
Certification: EN
Type: Bottle Holder
Size : Approx:2.76*5.51*5.71inch(L*W*H)
Suitable for Bottle Cup diameter: 2.76inch