Faylisvow Cartoon Animal 1-4y Baby Shaping Pillow

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Product Description:

This item was compressed, when you receive it, please open the package and pat it gently to get it back to its original shape. 

The specially designed new style KAKIBLIN cushion is a wonderful company which help prevent sleepy baby's head from slumping down or sideways during on the car seat or pram.

It provides maximum protection for your child's head and neck.

Uniquely shaped and unbelievably comfortable of the product, which can and should be used as long as it fits the child safely and securely.

And it works great at keeping your baby's head and neck safely positioned.

Certification: SOR,EN,GS,BS,AS/NZS,ASTM
Age Range: 18M,26M,23M,13M,20M,33M,4T,27M,17M,28M,14M,12M,16M,34M,15M,21M,19M,25M,31M,29M,24M,32M,30M,3T,22M,35M
Model Number: PJ3029-A4
Brand Name: Faylisvow
Material: Cotton
Type: Shaping Pillow