Donyummyjo auto car tire inflator + led light

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Powerful Roadside Assistance -- Air pump can inflating a midsize car tire from flat to 32 Psi in 8 to 10 minutes, max pressure 150 PSI. The correct tire pressure level will prolong your tires useful life and, more importantly, will help keep you, your family, friends and other people safe on the roads.

Simple to use ? Just one button to start and stop. This is refreshingly straightforward, simple and hassle-free. It is powered from your in-car 12V socket, with a long 3m cable to reach the tires all around the vehicle..

Portable and Small Size ? It measures roughly 21.5 cm tall, by 19.5 cm wide and 8.0 cm deep. Special design in Clover fashion shape, the pump has a storage section around the back for storing the cable and hose section, you need to pull this out before use.

Multi-Functional? There are three different suitable nozzle adaptors; you can use to pump up tires on bicycles and scooters, motor vehicles, air beds, footballs and inflatable toys for the swimming pool and beach.


 Portable Inflatable Pump, Digital Tire Inflator for Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles, Bicycles, Balls, Inflatable Beds

Portable Digital Inflatable Pump with 3M Power Cord
Effectively Prevent Traffic Accidents (due to tire pressure )

Directions For Use:
1. Insert the cigar lighter plug into the car's DC12V jack and start the car.
2. Put the inflatable nozzle on the tire that needs to fill the air.
3. Key Description: R key for the unit conversion key; "-" for minus key; "+" for plus key, any press for the"-"or"+" will lead into the default value mode.
4. The inflatable pump inflated default value defaults to 30PSI, if you want to set the default adjustable button (+ key up, - key down).(Maximum pressure 100PSI)
5. Set the default value after waiting for 3 seconds; exit the default mode, real-time detection of the current pressure.
6.Inflated to the setting value, it will stop inflating automatically.
7. While re-inflating, you need to turn off the switch and then open in order to start inflate again.
8.This car air pump, continuous working hours shall not exceed 8 minutes, it need to intermittent rest.

Product power: 120W
Operating voltage: DC12V
Maximum operating current: 10A
Maximum pressure: 150PSI
Flow: 35 / min
Power cord length: 3M
Continuous working hours: 8 min
How to use: Car tires to work for 15 minutes to rest for 10 minutes.

1×Car Rover Portable Digital Inflatable Pump
1×Metal Nozzle needle
1×RED Nozzle needle
1×BLUE Nozzle needle