Tumbling Monkeys Board Game of Skill Falling Action

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Product Description:

This is a 100% brand new and a high quality product.
The durability is really higher in this product as this is made of ABS plastic.

How to play?

Randomly insert sticks as parts of the main branch of the tree. There are 5 levels. 6 sticks can be inserted into each level. Each color has 2 sticks. Get all the moneys hung on the sticks. Players dice in turn, and then take out the sticks with the color shown on the dice. Players take out the sticks from top to bottom, and avoid let any money fall off. Monkeys are owned by the one who gets the monkey fall off when taking out the sticks. After that, it's next player's turn, following the same rules. At the end of the game, the one who gets the least monkeys is the winner.

Product Details:

Item Name: Falling Monkey Game
Material: Environmental Plastic
Age: Above 6 years
Size: 21*8.5*26 cm
Players: 2~3
Recommended Age: 3+
Type: Entertainment/Leisure/Development
Perfect for families, friends, colleagues,etc