Herbal anti pimple spot acne scars blackhead removal cream

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Product Description:

Naturally safe and gentle

Oil control acne treatment

Herbal acne cream- Gentle- No harm to skin

Purify pores- Water embellish to cares

Skin grease is secreted exuberant, improper cleaning; redundant sebaceous glands cannot successful education, cause pore jams, coupled with the outside world dirt from the invasion of the skin pores, acne inflammation.

Long blain internal cause: system imbalance in the body- Oils and cutine cause pore jams- hormone imbalance

Long blain external cause: the bad habits of modern life- smoking, drinking too much/ endocrine disorders, more so prone to acne

Stay up late to sleep- By lung and stomach accumulation- heat on inflammation

Spicy food- Eat spicy stimulate face grease is secreted, much more oil secretion will be clogged pores

The computer radiation- Often at the computer, the skin will be hurt to speed up the grease secretion- if not handled properly will be clogged pores- the formation of acne