Donyummyjo digital display auto car tire inflator

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Product Description

Our air compressor pump can save your car, bicycles, motorcycles, rubber boats and balloons!
Don’t wasting your time and money, fast and powerful inflator for your vehicle.
If you want to know more details or have any questions, please look through the detailed page or contact the customer service.

How to use:
Start the car first, then insert the car into the cigarette lighter to pick up the electricity.
Preset tire pressure values (SUV and tire pressure values are different).
Then switch on the charging pump.
Finally, the pneumatic nozzle is inserted into the tire valve.
If the car is completely empty, you can insert the pneumatic nozzle into the tire valve, and then turn on the switch button to inflate it.

The following incorrect operation will cause the fuse to burn out and the pump will not work properly:
The first inflatable nozzle into the tire valve, preset tire pressure value, open the air switch button, and then start the car, the electric car charger to insert the cigarette lighter, leads to fuse burn out, the air pump cannot work normally.

-Material: ABS
-Power: 120W
-Input voltage: 12V
-Working current: 10A
-Maximum pressure value: 100PSI/6.89bar
-Charging time: about 5-6mins
-Size: 7.7''*6.3''*3.2’’ (L*W*H)
-Net weight: 31oz
-Color: black & yellow
-Package list: 1*car air pump