Vodool auto numerical control digital inflatable pump

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Pure copper coil motor to improve performance, reduce energy consumption. 
After inserting the power, preset the tire pressure to start charging. 
Digital display preset tire pressure, after the charging is completed, the charging pump stops working automatically. 
In the dark emergency environment, the inflatable pump comes with LED lights. 
Simple and quick interface, no need to screw the screws. 
Check the tire pressure: insert the pneumatic nozzle onto the tire valve and press the button to show the tire's current tire pressure. 
Tire deflated: when the tire pressure is too high, press the air mouth to half can be discouraged. 

Input voltage: DC 12V 
Maximum current: 12A 
Barometric displacement: 30L/MIN 
Working time: about 10 minutes 
Maximum air pressure: 60PSI 
Power cable length: approx. 3m/9.8ft 
Power supply type: light cigarette type 

Recommended tire pressure for home vehicles: 
Sedan car: approx. 2.3-2.5kgf/cm
Off-road vehicle: approx. 2.5-2.8kgf/cm
MPV Business Purpose Vehicle: approx. 2.3-2.5kgf/cm

1 x Air Compressor Pump 
1 x User Manual